Real Men Cry

“Joseph… sought a place to weep, and he entered his chamber and wept there.” (Genesis 43:15-34, NASB) Real men are not afraid to cry. We cry over many things in the world—over frustration, pain, loneliness, inspiration, and joy. The world tries to say men don’t cry, but it’s the exact opposite. Real men are not … More Real Men Cry

Stop the Blaming Game

“You have bereaved me of my children… all these things are against me.” (Genesis 42:29-38, NASB) It’s easy to blame people, things, and circumstances for the misfortunes in our lives. We do not realize that God may have grander things working behind the scene. We can see Jacob doing this in today’s devotional. The sons … More Stop the Blaming Game

Prayer Box

I saw this “prayer box” as I was doing my prayer walk today. I suppose the owner of this house is inviting people to put their prayer requests in this mailbox whether by name or anonymously. It also suggests that this person is a prayer warrior who is willing to pray for anybody who wants … More Prayer Box