Whose faces were like the faces of lions


You can’t do God’s work by yourself. It takes teamwork. It takes a community of faith working together to accomplish God’s purpose. It takes an army of God like the one David had. Although he was a great man of God, he did not accomplish God’s purpose alone. The Bible says that day by day men came to David to help him, until there was a great army like the army of God (1 Chr.12:22). And among the mighty men of David who came to help him become a king of Israel were Gadites. They were described as “mighty men of valor, men trained for war, who could handle shield and spear, and whose faces were like the faces of lions, and they were as swift as the gazelles on the mountains” (1 Chr.12:8). Even though David was mighty himself, but it helped to have people like this in his army. Likewise, God is gathering together today the mighty men of Christ who will have a perfect heart and one mind to make Jesus king in the kingdom of God. Who among us will be bold, courageous, and valiant enough so that they will be known as men and women “whose faces were like the faces of lions?”


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